Better building

Slimline enables creating better buildings. Better, because buildings with Slimline can adapt to changing demands of its users. Additionally, the building lifespan can be extended, as the floor system facilitates changing the building’s function without the need for major reconstruction.

Quickly adapt to user demands

The Slimline floor system is designed for convenient and permanent access to the installation space. During construction as well as in the use phase. The subfloor acts as a lid on the steel beams of the prefabricated ceiling elements. A rubber intermediate layer on the steel beams ascertains optimal acoustic decoupling. It’s possible to add flexible zones to the subfloor, like strategically positioned hatches or computer tiles.

Using these Flex Zones, it’s always possible to, for example, add new wiring or remove old cables. The air ducts and water pipes and are conveniently accessible in the same way as well. This allows the facility manager to quickly and easily adapt rooms and spaces to the user’s demands.

Conveniently changing function

The subfloor of the Slimline floor system can be easily removed without damaging the building installations below, nor impacting the loadbearing structure. This enables conveniently changing the function of (a part of) a building when it’s done serving its original purpose.

By granting the building a second life, the economical lifespan is extended, which in turn positively contributes to the environment.

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