Police Station, Bruges

Early 2013, the main Bruges police station moved to a brand new accommodation at the Coiseaukaai. The key distinctive features of the design by Beel & Achtergael Architects en Technum are the compactness of the building, energy efficiency, sustainability, accessibility and customer service level.

The Slimline floor system makes an important contribution to the achieved reductions in material use, weight and energy as well as adaptability and sustainability of this building.

The winning design was acclaimed for the refreshing soberness, the high ease of use, both today as in the future, and the flexibility. The jury: “This project has the hightest scores in terms of energy performance and CO2. Moreover, this development team has tried to save as much material as possible by limiting the structural concrete and working with a lightweight steel structure. This design has a considerablepotential forsustainability.”

The building measures approximately 125 by 58 meters and is comprised of an administrative and a logistics complex. The 4.400 m2 logistics complex houses the vehicle fleet as well as 1.100 m2 cell blocks. The administrative complex offers workspace for 150 employees on approximately 6.700 m2 office space.