Bosch Siemens, Park20I20, Hoofddorp

Park20|20 in the Dutch city of Hoofddorp is the first sustainable full-service office park in the Netherlands. Starting points like sustainability and flexible, multi-use buildings have a high priority. The Slimline floor system has been applied the new office building of Bosch Siemens.

Over the coming years, approximately 92.000 m2 office buildings will be developed to order in Park20|20, with approximately 3.700 m2 facilities, semi-underground parking and a hotel including a conference center. The master plan for Park20|20 was developed by the American architect William McDonough. Together with the German biochemist Michael Braungart, he’s masterminded a new vision on sustainable design and the development of durable products.

Core element of his Cradle2Cradle (C2C) philosophy is waste = food. C2C-products should allow full dismantling when they’ve become obsolete. This makes it possible to return the separate elements to the biological or technical cycles. The Slimline floor system is ideally suited when sustainability goals are a priority. With the hollow system, it achieves a reduction in the amount of concrete and transport movements during construction. When in use, the smart application of thermal activation leads to high energy efficiency and savings on the costs for heating and cooling the building. Next, the lifespan of the building is increased significantly because of easy installation upgrading options or even the possibility for a functional change.

If the building should ever be dismantled, the Slimline elements can be reused in a new construction. Also, the hollow Slimline floor system facilitates placing all cables, ducts and pipes in the floor, which defeats the purpose of a suspended ceiling. This reduces the gross floor height, which results in material use reductions up to 20 percent; a lightweight structure allows a lighter foundation as well. The application of the Slimline floor system leads to a significant reduction in material use.