Rode Haan (Red Rooster), Delft

In the city center of Delft, BAM Utility has built the new fire station. On top of the firehouse, a 5 floor office has been realized using the Slimline floor system.

Applying the Slimline floor system didn’t only result in a significant reduction in the building’s self-weight, but also in the floor height. By integrating the building installations in the floor, an additional floor was made possible. The façade and the cores are comprised of a precast concrete construction combined with a slender steel construction. The archives are placed in the middle zone, which calls for higher load bearing requirements. By reducing the mutual distance between the Slimline beams in the middle zone, the fortified floor can be realized in the same structural height.

One of the key features of the building is the high level of flexibility, achieved by the Slimline floor system in combination with a raised tile subfloor. These tiles can easily be individually removed.