Raab Karcher, Nijmegen

Raab Karcher, supplier of building materials, has expanded and modified her existing office location to function as a consultancy center for their own use. With this building, Raab Karcher aims to demonstrate the conceptual value of Industrial, Flexible and Demountable (IFD) construction, which is also a part of the new corporate philosophy.

The consultancy center will serve a regional purpose in demonstrating new concepts to both designers, contractors and consumers. In this building, all installations are contained in the structural elements which are least subject to change. The hollow floor with permanently accessible zones is very suitable to hold the building installations while retaining flexibility. This project also features thermal activation by integrating climate pipes for cooling in the concrete slab of the Slimline elements.

Raab Karcher Nijmegen is a showcase project of the IFD philosophy, which has been awarded with an IFD grant.