Van Delftgroep, Nieuwkuijk

Sustainability, energy efficiency and flexible layout options are key components of this Jo van Bokhoven design. Being the designing installer, the Van Delft Groep has made an important contribution as well.

Faster fitting of the building’s installations is one of the key advantages of the Slimline floor system. It’s no longer necessary to work overhead when all installations are placed in the floor.

Modular, prefabricated installation shafts have been installed, starting from the basement and going up around the columns of the steel structure. These house the installations in the Van Delft Groep office. All pipes and cables branch out through the entire building using the installation space of the Slimline floor system. In case of a reconfiguration of the office, the installations are easily accessible, which speeds up and simplifies the process.

Climate control using thermal activation of the floor and ceiling has been installed. The thin concrete slabs and the subfloor of the Slimline floor system ensure a fast response and facilitate individual temperature readjustment in separate rooms.