PATCH22, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam stands the tallest residential building made of wood in the Netherlands: Patch22. This future eye-catcher in the Buiksloterham business park was designed by architect Tom Frantzen as a building that leaves room for future adaptation, using sustainable materials. The building can be used for a wide range of different functions without major changes.

This freedom of layout is created by means of integrating the Slimline floor system. This project sports Slimline floor elements with a free span of approximately 9,5 meters and a variable load of 4,0 kN/m2 to maximally facilitate the residential work function. The floor Despite the very low self-weight of the floor, it fully meets all requirements for home separation. In order to reach a comfortable indoor, the subfloor is fitted thermal activation.

The residential work lofts all offer a large floor area with a flexible layout. They additionally feature a generous free height of 3,5 meters and a large outside area. On the ground floor, with direct street access, are two commercial spaces of 250 m2. These spaces are created in glass and concrete and have a ceiling height of 6 meters. Furthermore, several residential work residences are realized measuring 6 meters in width and 6 meters in height.

Patch22 is a 30-meter wooden high-rise. On top of the 6-meter high concrete ground floor are six wooden floors of 4 meters each. The load bearing walls, columns and beams are wood. The visible wood all around creates a sleek design with a warm appearance.

The building is entirely self-sufficient year-round and is climate-neutral. It uses a biofuel installation to create heat and PV-cells are installed on the roof.