Amstelcampus Boerhaavegebouw, Amsterdam

In March 2013, the 154 independent student apartments in the Boerhaave Complex have been completed. All apartments offer a private kitchen and bathroom. Most apartments measure approximately 27 square meters and have been developed for Housing Corporation ‘De Key’.

KPF and Studio V have designed both the Wibaut and Boerhaave buildings as a part of the new Amstelcampus development plan; two multifunctional buildings which combine education with sports, living and meeting. The Boerhaave Complex (approximately 20.000 m2) houses the Society and Law faculties. In combination with the educational facilities, the building offers 154 student apartments and a number of sports facilities.

By selecting the Slimline floor system, the team has not only made dual use of the available land by designing apartments on top of a sports hall, but also maximizes the options to adapt the apartments to meet changing requirements in the future. Because the building installations are permanently accessible, the existing building can be easily reconfigured, which also contributes to the high sustainability rating of the building.

The project was tendered on the basis of a draft specification, after which the design has been optimized through close cooperation between the designers and the contractors. The sustainable nature has been endorsed by the Amstelcampus being awarded the Sustainability Price in February 2012. Mark Borst, Project Lead Sustainability Amstelcampus, was presented the award at the Greenforum of the Provada fair by Gerjan Dahm, Director Advisory Group Waste & Energy at Royal Haskoning.