Crystal Court, Amsterdam

Between the green areas of the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ and the Flevopark, the Crystal Court complex, designed by Tangram Architects, is situated. In order to create as much free space and transparency as possible, the volumes have been stacked in a way that allows a continuous spacing with views on green and water.

The apartments vary in size from 92 m2 to 250 m2. This variation shows in the, sometimes huge, cantilevers of the different floors. In some instances, the cantilevers, which are designed in multiple directions, measure up to 5 meters between subsequent floors. This was made possible partly by using the lightweight Slimline floor concept.

The weight of the massive glass atrium is transferred to the Slimline floor. In order to meet the high requirements for the glass construction, the Slimline floor system has been locally reinforced by adding additional steel beams.

Most apartments offer both an indoor and an outdoor terrace. By using the Slimline floor system with steel beams, a fluent transition from indoor to outdoor has been created. The subfloor of the Slimline floor system is acoustically decoupled. This leads to very good results in acoustic measurements, but also in an outstanding fire-resistance of over 145 minutes.