La Fenêtre, Den Haag

The prestigious apartment complex designed by architect Rudy Uytenhaak is a part of the ‘Grotiusplaats’ district, an area of the city which has been redeveloped by the Spanish urban planner Joan Busquets.

La Fenêtre, ‘Window on The Hague’, is a so-called infill development, very close to the city center and the Central Station. On top of the 3-storey parking garage, at a height of approximately 12,5 meters, the impressive apartment building finds its base. The top floor is situated at a height of approximately 70 meters.

As a result of using the Slimline floor system, the apartments offer true freedom of layout; buyers were offered the chance to apply changes to the standard layout right on the drawing board. The combination with the steel frame and light, movable system walls results in optimal functional flexibility. The low self-weight of the Slimline floor system allowed La Fenêtre to be built on a transparent, steel construction, which adds to the sense of safety. Conventional floor systems would have called for a closed concrete construction. La Fenetre is an IFD-demonstration project which has been awarded a grant by the Dutch ministry of housing.