Het Goed, Apeldoorn

‘Het Goed’ in the city of Apeldoorn is a health center consisting of 16 residential care apartments, 36 nursing units and another 20 apartments in the tower, adding up to a total size of 10.000 m2. Het Goed also houses a school and a multifunctional center. It’s a dynamic complex, based on the Kulturhus philosophy.

For the floors, the Slimline floor system has been selected, which is an excellent choice for residential care complexes. The building was designed by Abbink X de Haas architects.

The Slimline floor system allows freedom of layout of existing space, which facilitates modifying the different areas. It’s relatively easy to turn a large apartment into two smaller units, or vice versa. With the unique combination of ceiling, installation space and subfloor, the Slimline floor system offers both functional and esthetical added value, because of the lack of a suspended ceiling.