Defense Material Organisation, Huis ter Heide

Early 2018, BAM Bouw en Techniek initiated construction of the new home of the Dutch Defense Forces Material Organisation at Camp New Amsterdam in Huis ter Heide, the Netherlands, commissioned by the Dutch Governmental Real Estate Agency. The building consists of an office and an OPS-room with extensive data facilities. The total floor area of the development is 9.000 m2. The design represents the different functional parts of the building. The hundred-meter-long office wing consists of three floors. Connected to the office wing, a five-sided building of 38 meters wide and 55 meters deep is situated, which houses the OPS-room.

During the EMVI tendering process, the Dutch Governmental Real Estate Agency focused on planning, risk management and quality assurance. Furthermore, social return and sustainability were important criteria in the selection phase. BAM also distinguished itself with an integral approach to construction and building services. The application of the Slimline floor system in the office wing significantly contributes to the quality, sustainability and the integral approach. The dovetail plate-screed subfloors are fitted with Flex-zones, which allows permanent access to the building services in the hollow construction floors. This enables conveniently changing the floor layouts or maintaining, moving, extending or replacing building services.

In order to create an energy-efficient building, several innovative technologies will be applied. One example is that the heat generated by the datacenter is being applied to warm the rest of the building. The Slimline floor system is equipped with double thermal activation. The combination of ceiling cooling and underfloor heating results in an exceptionally comfortable indoor climate with minimal energy use. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of both building sections.