The Platform, Amersfoort

At the Oliemolenhof in the Dutch city of Amersfoort 'Hal 6', a production hall of the former Prodent toothpaste factory, will be raised with two brand new floors. On top of the existing building, which houses for example the FLUOR music venue, rises 'The Platform'. This exceptionally sustainable building doesn't only provide a new home for renowned consultancy firm Twynstra Gudde, but also adds an additional function to 'The New City': flex space for everyone. The new location will both literally and figuratively serve as a platform: a place where cooperation, knowledge sharing and consultation between different parties takes shape.

Not just the building's function, but also its design is unique. The new floors are placed on columns and seemingly float over The New City. The resulting building fuses the old and the new: a music venue and bio heat boiler are joined with office space, flexible working and creating new ideas. As such, the building acts as a platform - and has been designed as just that as well. Space Encounters and Schipper Bosch architects are responsible for the design.

The floor construction consists of Slimline floor elements with a length of up to 14,2 meters. Slimline was primarily selected because of its low self-weight, the dry, propping-free and resulting fast construction process with precast elements and the fact that all building services can be integrated in the floor while remaining permanently accessible. This allows the new building can optimally facilitate its flex function. Floor layouts can be easily adapted and in due time even (partial) functional changes remain possible.

In addition to using sustainable materials, the building will be heated using the The New City bio heat boiler. Solar panels will be used to supply the building's electricity.

Video by De Nieuwe Stad

On 28 October 2020, The Platform has been awarded the title Office Building of the Year at the Architectenweb Awards 2020 based on social relevance, craftsmanship and degree of innovation. Learn more in the news item.