Het Boegbeeld, Scheveningen

Van Wilsum Van Loon Architectuur & Stedenbouw designed apartment complex Het Boegbeeld in Scheveningen, with a lot of attention being paid to the connection with both the existing building and the environment in terms of the nearby beach, sea and dunes. For this project, a construction was devised in which a steel supporting structure is suspended from the main structure. The Slimline floor system and the weight savings achieved by the minimal amount of concrete in our prefab floor elements played an important role in the feasibility of this constructive feat.

The Slimline floor system is used for the corner apartments on floors 4, 5, 6 and 7. The prefab constructive floor elements of 7,490 mm consist of three or four IPE240 profiles incorporated in a concrete shell which features all desired facilities and recesses pre-installed.

The fast, stamp-free and completely dry construction process consists of hoisting the large self-supporting floor elements in place, which are placed directly on the steel structure in this project. The floor elements are walkable immediately after installation, which allows the construction process to continue straight away. The building installations and subfloor can be installed at a later time. Slimline floor elements offer a smooth and sleek ceiling immediately after installation, which can be easily finished.

All building installations can be incorporated in the permanently hollow floor space. To this end, the steel Slimline beams feature pre-installed openings. Because the installation space in the floor is not filled with concrete, the building installations remain permanently accessible. As a result, changes in layout or technical installations remain possible from within the own legal space.

The subfloor is then installed enirely decoupled. This results in Slimline meeting even the highest house-separating fire and acoustic requirements despite the exceptionally slim and light constructive floor package.

The Slimline floor system is very well suited for (high-rise) apartments and offices. Thanks to the slim package with permanently accessible installations, Slimline often allows realizing more floors in the same building height, which also remain fully adaptable. Add to this the options for energy-efficient double thermal activation (climate pipes both prefab in the Slimline ceiling shell and in the subfloor) and the reusability of the floor elements - and Slimline is also the most sustainable choice.

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